Q&A with Dr Valter D. Longo



1. In simple terms how does the Fast Micking Diet work ?
It causes protection and repair within cells but it also kills cells and replaces them with new ones through the activation of stem cells.

 2. Do you think this type of diet is suited for everybody ?
ot everybody: diabetes patient receiving insulin, anorexic people, the very old/frail etc should avoid it

3. What are the 5 main benefits of the diet?
educed risk factors for cancer
Reduced risk factors for diabetes
Reduced risk factors for cardiovascular disease
Specific loss of abdominal fat without or with minimal loss of muscle mass
Rejuvenation in multiple systems

4. Are there any side effects from doing the diet?
minor headache usually on day 2 or 3. For some people it can cause low blood pressure or low glucose levels. This is why it should be medically supervised at least initially. Then, a registered dietitian familiar with fasting mimicking diets can follow the patient.


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