Sea Grapes


When we were in Fiji, we were confronted lots of new and exciting food. One particular thing we were really smitten by was Sea Grapes. We were fortunate enough to Fijis Chef Lance Seeto introduce us to this gem, from the way they look, to the way they tasted - it was instant love!


Sea Grapes are a type of seaweed of flowering plant and come from the buckwheat family. Their tree can reach anywhere between 7-26 feet. The grapes grow in tropical climatic conditions and originated in Americas coastal beaches. The fruit begins to flowers at the end of summer, after ripening the fruits then turn into a purple colour.


Nutritional values of Sea Grapes:




Health Benefits:



There are lots of believed health benefits to the Sea Grapes, which include the below:


- The Sea grapes are seen to be one of the richest foods that offer natural organic iodine, “ with a high bio-availability and consequently boost metabolisim, regulate weight and stimulate celluar activity, which in turn burns fat and eliminates toxins” (pacificharvest)


- Sea Grapes also have the ability to protect your body’s cell membranes, increase your elasticity and hydrate dry skin. As the grapes are extremely high in both Vitamin C & A they also promote collagen and antioxidants. For this reason many natural cosmetics companies are incorporating them into their products for their ability to slow down the aging process.


- The tropical fruit is filled with protein, calcium and omega3’s therefore are seen to be effective for reducing both inflammation and arthritis.


-Sea grapes aid with helping digestion due to their ability to help proper functioning of the liver.


- The fruit can also reduce the level of glucose found in your body.

- It’s also helps with decreasing the level of cholesterol found in your body.

- The fruit assist in counterbalancing the blood pressure of the body.