On her Tour of Beauty in South Korea, Rachel finds that in the capital city of Seoul, the beauty business is booming! The shopping streets are lined with beauty stores, and in the fashionable district of Gangnam the cosmetic surgery clinics are on almost every corner. Curious to know how she stacks up to Korean beauty standards, Rachel books a consultation with a top Korean plastic surgeon...

And while plastic surgery is increasingly popular in Korea, it’s not just for those who want to look younger. In this episode Rachel also meets Dong Hee Park, the 23 year old winner of local reality game show Let Me In. The prize? Extensive cosmetic surgery which completely changed her appearance.

While it’s a bustling and modern metropolis, there is a contrasting and traditional side to life in Seoul and to learn more Rachel meets Dr Dong Su, a doctor of traditional korean medicine.

Rachel also discovers an array of natural beauty products from gooseberries to bullfrogs in a traditional market too that stretches for blocks and blocks.

 Beans, fermented rice, anchovies and seaweed, sound appetizing? Delicious or not, Dr Hong believes this dish cured him of cancer. He eats it 10 times a month and he has now been cancer-free for 12 years. Impressive!