On her Tour of Beauty in Greece, Rachel travels to the island of Ikaria, where the locals have some of the longest life expectancies on the planet. Its here she meets Georgios Karimalis, a local whose family have been living the true Ikarian lifestyle for over 500 years. What can she learn from Georgios and his community about the key to long life?

Living to ninety year of age isnt hugely out of the ordinary on Ikaria, and Rachel enjoys a meeting with 103-year-old Grigoris, who lives not far from her host Georgios Karimalis. Grigoris has never been in hospital, and he can read the newspaper without glasses, so what are his secrets?

Food and family are a huge part of Ikairan life, and staying with Georgios and his family Rachel learns first hand the part that both play in contributing to the long lives of the islander.

Naturally preserved wine is part of daily life too and is hand made from locally grown grapes.

Exploring further afield, Rachel takes a swim in some radioactive hotsprings and attends a paniyiri festival on the island. Will she out dance the oldies?