Dubai is famous for luxury and extravagance but on her Tour of Beauty in Dubai Rachel is surprised to find a more traditional side of life. In the desert she discovers the health benefits of camels milk and dates consumed by the Bedouins for hundreds of years, and back in the city some local women reveal their view on modesty and dress...

On her Tour of Beauty in Dubai Rachel heads out of the city to the desert where she camps overnight to experience the diet and lifestyle of the Bedouin tribes. Here, she meets Uncle Hammod, a fascinating 80-year old Bedouin man, born in the desert. She also learns to dance like a camel!

Inspired by the traditional ways, Rachel visits the local spice souq to discover a raft of shops selling traditional remedies. From different flavoured teas to beetle cocoons, Rachel’s on a hunt to cure her sore throat and dry skin.

Back in the city, Rachel explores the local fashion scene and meets local designer Zahra Kharmostaji whose abaya designs have been worn by the likes of Paris Hilton.


Rachel finishes off her tour in absolute luxury, with a 24 carat gold facial. Valued at seven thousand US dollars, what will the results be?